Company Overview


Our company’s mission is Relentless Pursuit of Perfection. We do not believe in Good or Great. We do not believe in point solutions or relative success.


  1. There is a right answer for everything
  2. There are no exceptions – only limitations in solutions, which create exceptions
  3. It is best to do few things really, really well than be mediocre at several
  4. More cash is better than less; getting it faster is better than slower; and spending less to get it is better than more
  5. Revolution is better than evolution


Our Solution is built on the simple principle that for every patient claim there is a scientific optimal answer for:

  1. Maximum possible reimbursement
  2. Least amount of time that is required to get this claim paid and posted in provider’s patient accounting system
  3. Lowest amount of cost that is necessary to get this claim paid


We focus on enabling our healthcare provider clients to ACHIEVE perfection on all these three key metrics and STAY there.

Our founders come from healthcare, technology, management consulting, and business process outsourcing industries. We hire first and foremost smart people. We favor intellect over experience; energy and determination over pedigree. We strive to maintain a start-up culture that fosters open communication and innovation. Our clients are healthcare providers that share our mission of relentless pursuit of perfection.

Management Team

Manoj Sharma, CEO

As CEO of Rubixis, Manoj leads company’s general and product development strategy. Prior to Rubixis, Manoj was CEO of True North AR..... Read More

Rick Stratford, Board Member

Rick is a private equity investor and currently serves on numerous boards. Prior to founding Stratford Investments, he worked as a general partner... Read More

Madhu Anné, Senior Vice President, Business Development

Madhu heads business development, marketing and strategic partnerships groups at Rubixis. Madhu has over 15 years of senior management experience in Business ..... Read More