Our Solution

Solving the Healthcare Puzzle

Rubixis’ Solution is unique because it is built on the premise that there are mathematically optimal answers to “peak revenue”, “minimum A/R days”, and lowest costs” and a scientific basis for approaching these optima. Our Solution is an innovative “zero-defect” solution which will enable healthcare providers to:

Utilizing Rubixis’ Solution will enable healthcare providers to:

Rubixis’ Solution is a Comprehensive Solution and Not a Software or Service.


Our fully integrated comprehensive revenue cycle management solution provides a workflow driven approach that is unique and will ensure that healthcare providers capture 100% of money from insurance payers, in the shortest time and spend the least on cost to collect. The various pieces of the Solution that form the core of our service offering include:

Contract Management Denial Management
Workflow and Inventory Management Electronic Document Management
Dashboard / Analytics Insurance A/R outsourcing

The Goals

Significant gap exists between the peak cash potential and actual cash generated at healthcare providers. This gap can be as much as 120% of EBITDA of the provider!! This gap exists for various reasons such as underpayments, untimely write-offs, medically un-necessary procedures, authorization, and charge capture issues.

Our solution addresses these issues by:

  • Assessing each claim for any missed charges
  • Identifying peak reimbursement value for each claim, and then ensuring that each claim is paid at this peak value
  • Identifying all underpayments automatically and then making these underpayments easy to appeal
  • Documenting provider and Payer issues that lead to underpayments and taking corrective actions to prevent these underpayments from re-occurring
  • Eliminate all untimely write-offs by proactively tracking claim at each stage of its lifecycle and taking appropriate action as soon as claim deviates from its optimal path and timeline

How Do We Do It?