Our Solution

Solving the Healthcare Puzzle

Rubixis’ Solution is unique because it is built on the premise that there are mathematically optimal answers to “peak revenue”, “minimum A/R days”, and lowest costs” and a scientific basis for approaching these optima. Our Solution is an innovative “zero-defect” solution which will enable healthcare providers to:

Utilizing Rubixis’ Solution will enable healthcare providers to:

Rubixis’ Solution is a Comprehensive Solution and Not a Software or Service.


Our fully integrated comprehensive revenue cycle management solution provides a workflow driven approach that is unique and will ensure that healthcare providers capture 100% of money from insurance payers, in the shortest time and spend the least on cost to collect. The various pieces of the Solution that form the core of our service offering include:

Contract Management Denial Management
Workflow and Inventory Management Electronic Document Management
Dashboard / Analytics Insurance A/R outsourcing

The Goals

Rubixis’ GOAL is to make sure that each claim is paid correctly the first time and in the least possible amount of time. While healthcare providers have limited control over time taken by a Payer to process a claim, they do have complete control over their internal processes. Based on our experience in working with over 100 hospitals in US, we have noticed that over 75% of claims that miss the A/R Days goal is due to the healthcare providers internal process. Moreover with appropriate data and analysis, the Payer behavior can be influenced on the remaining 25% of claims.

Several proprietary technologies and processes that enable healthcare providers to significantly reduce their A/R days underpin our solution. These technologies and smart processes ensure that our clients are focused on claims that require their attention and help them in significantly reducing A/R days. Our solution encompasses exception-based workflows and analytics that enable healthcare providers to focus on continuous improvement until they achieve optimal A/R Days timeframes for each Payer.

How Do We Do It?