Our Solution

Solving the Healthcare Puzzle

Rubixis’ Solution is unique because it is built on the premise that there are mathematically optimal answers to “peak revenue”, “minimum A/R days”, and lowest costs” and a scientific basis for approaching these optima. Our Solution is an innovative “zero-defect” solution which will enable healthcare providers to:

Utilizing Rubixis’ Solution will enable healthcare providers to:

Rubixis’ Solution is a Comprehensive Solution and Not a Software or Service.


Our fully integrated comprehensive revenue cycle management solution provides a workflow driven approach that is unique and will ensure that healthcare providers capture 100% of money from insurance payers, in the shortest time and spend the least on cost to collect. The various pieces of the Solution that form the core of our service offering include:

Contract Management Denial Management
Workflow and Inventory Management Electronic Document Management
Dashboard / Analytics Insurance A/R outsourcing

The Goals

We believe the overall approach to insurance billing and follow-up at most healthcare providers is fundamentally wrong. In particular:

  • Over 2/3rd of time spent by insurance follow-up reps at providers or their outsourced vendors is spent working on claims that do not require manual intervention
  • Of the remaining 1/3rd of claims, more than half are exceptions because of “systemic” and internally preventable reasons
  • Reps spend most of their time “researching” claims rather than “resolving” claims

Our solution significantly reduces costs by:

  • Utilizing a unique, customized workflow tool that enables follow-up reps to work only the 1/3rd claims that require manual intervention
  • Leveraging analytics and reporting to systemically increase number of claims that get paid correctly the first time, thereby further reducing claims that require intervention
  • Deploying an automated status and heuristics engine that allows reps to spend most of their time in “resolving” claims as data gathering and research is automatically done for them by our solution

Utilizing our solution a typical business office can improve staff productivity by 50% and its outsourcing service (A/R outsourcing vendors, zero balance vendors, etc.) costs by 100%.

How Do We Do It?